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Medical Billing

Professional Physician Medical Billing Services

eClaim Solution handles all aspects of medical billing, including aging accounts receivable (A/R) recovery. We also provide a full suite of medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services and customize our offers for each individual client, so you never pay for packages of services that you don’t need or want.
Running a medical practice is challenging enough without having to deal with insurance companies, government payers and constantly changing medical billing codes and rules. eClaim Solution is here to provide relief from all that.
Our electronic health record (EHR) system can be integrated with existing practice management software, or we’ll provide our own which has proven to streamline office management.


eClaim Solution takes on revenue cycle management (RCM) from start to finish, so doctors can dedicate their attention to patient care, with only minimal distraction from admin responsibilities.

Fully Customizable Suite of Services

Customized Service Packages

We are happy to take care of everything from payer credentialing to patient billing, or we will just file and manage claims—or any level of service in between. We customize our services to each client, so you will never have to pay for services you don’t want. We are happy to only file and manage claims or take care of everything from payer credentialing to patient billing.

Claims Submission & Clean Claims Scrubbing

At the heart of our success is eClaim Solution system for coding, scrubbing and submitting clean claims. The only way to make medical billing efficient is to have a system in which each claim is quickly filled in, and then checked for errors before it is sent to a payer or clearinghouse. Most of the reasons for rejected claims are easily avoidable, and common mistakes are the most likely cause. Our experienced claim scrubbers are trained in what to look for to make sure none of these typical issues cause a revenue slowdown.

Denial and Rejection Management

Even with a high rate of claims being accepted upon submission, there will still be a small percentage that are rejected or denied. In the case of a high volume of claims being produced by the medical office, or high values of individual claims, this small percentage can add up to a large amount of revenue that is lost when office staff are too busy to follow up on these rejected or denied claims. eClaim Solution system includes tracking each claim so that none of your well-earned income is left on the table because of claims being neglected.

Old A/R Collections

We often find that new clients have significant amounts of revenue being lost in aging A/R accounts. Our claim management system includes a process for organizing old A/R and getting maximum recovery from those accounts. In many cases, it is as simple as clarifying what the amount is for and informing the right party, in the appropriate manner, whether it is a payer or the patient themselves.

Full Service Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

eClaim Solution innovative system manages all aspects of RCM, including payer credentialing, insurance verification, charting and coding review, claims management and much more. freeing medical professionals from the administrative burden of dealing with insurance companies and government payers*

Regular Reporting Provides Transparency and Accountability

We understand that you need to know what’s going on with your revenue, so we make it easy to keep track of how our system is working. Regular reports provide simple to understand information showing the amounts of reimbursements you are receiving, but also key performance indicators (KPIs) like how long claims are taking to be filed and then paid, how quickly old accounts receivable balances are resolved, etc.

Up to Date Medical Billing Software

It is almost impossible for physicians to stay completely current with the constantly changing codes and payer requirements. The cost of obtaining software that is constantly being updated to keep up with changing codes and payer rules and regulations is an unnecessary expense for a medical practice, but because medical billing and RCM are we do, our business works with state-of-the-art medical billing software. Our clients can rest assured that the latest code changes are incorporated into their claims and the correct filing procedures are followed for each insurer or government payer.

HIPPA Compliant and Secure Data Management

In order to keep patient information secure, we use the same level of digital security services that banks use. HIPPA compliance is not something you need to worry about when we take on your billing, our system is designed specifically to meet the confidentiality and security needs of the medical industry.

Outstanding Customer Support

We are a service-oriented business and providing the best support we can for our clients is one of the keys to our success. You can call us anytime and speak to a real person, and we’re happy to answer your questions or track down the info you need. To make sure there is always someone available who is familiar with your business and billing, an account manager is assigned to each client, and support is available when questions or concerns arise.

Patient Scheduling and Confirmation

The revenue cycle begins when a patient contacts your office for an appointment, and that’s where our services pick up too. We’ll also remind patients about upcoming appointments, which has been demonstrated to greatly improve the number of patients who show up on schedule.

Insurance Eligibility & Verification

A common but easily avoidable cause of claim rejection is billing the wrong payer or billing for a service that isn’t covered. Before you even see a patient, we will confirm their coverage and make sure they have any required referrals.

Missed Encounter Management & Tracking

A great deal of time and revenue is lost when patients just don’t show up for their appointments. Our system tracks where the problems occur and helps to find a solution.

Credentialing Services for New Practices

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Practice Management Services

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